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Improving customer targeting

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    The technology behind our product may sound complicated, but we have managed to break it down in one simple application. Businesses can benefit from our ready-to-use mobile app.

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    Proxible brings you an interactive application that can fill customer’s curiosity at your location. Our flexible mobile app also allows businesses to trigger those curiosities at any time.

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    Our product let businesses to monitor their customer’s behavior in real time. The generated analytics would certainly lead to greater opportunities.

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    Our dedicated team is able to quickly plan your next digital journey. We will support you every step of the way to ensure that your message is sent to your target audience.

How does it Work?

At Proxible, we provide you with new tools to make your products and services more visible. Your customers can view relevant information about each of your product at their fingertips, in your business environment (indoor and outdoor). Proxible enables your business to take on this new technology by following steps:

  • Step 1.

    We carefully place small Beacons at your location. That turns your selected site to a “smart space”. The installed Beacons will then communicate with mobile devices of your visiting customers.

  • Step 2.

    We provide a multi-purpose mobile app for your business. Your customers can download your exclusive pre-designed mobile app (provided by Proxible) and view all your available data in their mobile devices. In addition, they can receive information, updates and spontaneous messages at your location.

  • Step 3.

    We have designed an easy to use content management system. You are in control of all your application data. Besides, you can monitor how your customers perceive your business and products via our business analytic platform.