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    Make Environments Smart

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    Understand Your Customers

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    Influence Their Decisions

Enabling Smarter Decisions

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    Our Belief

    People make their best decisions when they have access to relevant information at exactly the right moment. The Proxible hyper-local interactive services platform provides that content at exactly the right time thanks to input from the smart sensors nearby.

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    Our Solution

    Today, it takes much too long to understand customer engagement. The data gathered by our platform helps you understand how your customers engage with you today. Proxible has all the expertise to help build and optimise the customer experience of tomorrow.

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    Our Technology

    Proxible's patented technology attracts, engages and suggests to help visitors to your business make a smarter decision. Combine an on-spot experience with an online engagement.

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    Your Benefit

    The Proxible end-to-end platform makes it so much easier to tweak an information campaign. Influence what users do next time. Proxible is a real-time platform with a dynamic feedback loop, unlike any printed flyer or static billboard.

The Benefits

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  • On-site events

    Guide and host your guests using your app running on our platform. Give relevant, location based information, offer suggestions to help them make a smart decision.

  • Mobile advertisement at the point of sale

    Engage your customers via their smartphone when they are buying at your location. Do not lose business to online competitors.

  • Interactive audio tours

    Visitors get relevant information on their smart phone. No telecom charges. Information on demand, just at the right spot. Sell the app and get interactive!

  • Connecting on and offline shopping

    Merge the online experience with your brick and mortar experience. Your marketing is full-circle; from your web site to your business.

  • Routing through events, buildings and city tours

    Suggest to your guests which routes to take, from where they are now. Make better use of their precious time. People always share great experiences with friends.

  • Replace QR codes

    Proxible sensors work at low light conditions, in crowded areas and without the need line-of-sight. The user doesn't need to fiddle with their camera.


    We know from several studies that when people understand the benefit you're offering them, over over 70% of all users will volunteer to share the decision they've made. Our system requires users to download an app in order to receive information - so it's a form of permission marketing. Proxible wants its users to be in control of their own data. It's like having a personal trusted guide. And by giving users what they want, the Proxible platform generates valuable insights for business owners on what their users did next. Uses can do get information anonymously. Or they can choose to personalize the app so as to receive deeper discounts and personalized, exclusive-to-me offers.